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PHONE & TEXT ENTRIES 07973 111 650

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East Midlands Inter Counties Championships

Saturday 21st Sept or Sunday 22nd Sept

Open to all shooters from all Counties,not just the Midlands

Using the " EASY BOOK " form below

Instructions for Booking

Please fill in the boxes above, remembering to include both your email & contact phone number, we will then contact you to confirm availability of your booking request.

These email services can not be used after 6pm on the night before the event...... just ring us on 07973 111 650 .

If you prefer email  john@kegworth.co.uk

Start times will be notified to all entrants aprox two weeks prior to the event

PLEASE STATE PREFERENCE either early start Sat - Later Sun or

Late Start Sat - Early Start Sun

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Saturday 21st September & Sunday 22nd FITASC
East Midlands Inter Counties Championships.
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We operate the "new system", of three layouts ( 34 ) + ( 34 ) + ( 32 )

Our layouts are all radio controlled, Promatic traps, to ensure a reliable & enjoyable shoot.

Courses are set to entertain & challenge shooters of all ability.

We only employ trained adult referees, to ensure a high quality of service.

Not sure what FITASC is all about ? Click here to learn more....FITASC RULES


To recieve a phone call from us nearer the time, to be booked in for a FITASC competition follow this link to leave your contact details or BOOK ON LINE